Adoption of a child in Ukraine

Adoption of a child in Ukraine

Adoption of a child in Ukraine

Child adoption: what is it?

Adoption is the acceptance by the adoptive parent into his family of an individual as a son or daughter. The adoption is considered complete when the judgment becomes legally binding.

The purpose of adoption at the state level is:

  • ensuring stability;
  • creating harmonious living conditions.

Modern legislation creates conditions for the adoption procedure, taking into account the interests of children in the first place, as well as the interests of future parents.

What kind of children can you adopt?

In accordance with the Ukrainian Family Code, it is possible to adopt a child under the age of eighteen. There are exceptional cases when, by way of a court order, it is possible to adopt an adult who has no parents and is deprived of parental care.

You can adopt children:

  • abandoned at birth;
  • who were thrown into a maternity hospital or other medical institution.

Adoption is possible when he has no relatives willing to take custody of him.

Features of adoption of children:

  • it is possible to adopt a thrown or found child two months after being found;
  • Children left in the hospital can be adopted after they are two months old;
  • If the child has brothers and sisters, he cannot be adopted separately.

According to legal norms, brothers and sisters cannot be separated without weighty circumstances. If such circumstances exist, there must be consent of the guardianship authorities for the adoption of only one child, without brothers and sisters.

Who can be an adoptive parent?

For the adoption of children, the adoptive parent must meet the following conditions:

  • he must be competent;
  • he must be 15 years older than the child;
  • upon adoption of an adult – must be 18 years older;
  • married couples;
  • one of the married couple, with the consent of the other;
  • persons who are not married.

Who can NOT adopt children?

Persons cannot adopt a child:

  • recognized as incompetent;
  • with limited legal capacity;
  • deprived of parental rights, if they have not been restored;
  • registered in psychiatric hospitals;
  • registered in drug treatment centers;
  • abusers of alcohol or drugs;
  • without a permanent place of residence;
  • were convicted under articles established by law;
  • need the care of an outsider for health reasons;
  • without citizenship.

Persons who are married to a person belonging to the listed categories of people also cannot be an adoptive parent.

The adoption of children also cannot be committed:

  • persons of the same sex cannot adopt a common child;
  • persons who are not married cannot adopt one common child;
  • if the child has a mother, he cannot be adopted by a man who is not in a relationship with her.

It is important to note that the number of children that can be adopted is not limited for the adoptive parent.

Base of children for adoption

Today it is very important to create a base of children for adoption. The creation of such a database allows not only keeping records of children ready for adoption, but also creates conditions for a more convenient adoption procedure.

To create such a base, it is necessary to fulfill such obligations:

  • the heads of the orphanage and other institutions in which orphans and children deprived of parental care are staying must submit the information to the appropriate authorities within seven days;
  • employees of the home for babies and other children’s institutions, any other persons who have information about children who can be adopted and taken into care, who are not registered, must provide information about them to the appropriate authorities.

Parental consent to adoption is a confirmation of unconditional consent for the adoption of a child into the family.

The consent to adoption must be made in writing and certified by a notary.

The child’s consent to adoption is the consent of the children to be adopted into the adoptive family. The child’s consent is required if:

  • the child has reached the age at which he can give such consent;
  • the state of health and development of the child allows consent for adoption.

Consent on the part of the child can be expressed in any form appropriate to his age and development.

Children who have not reached the age and developmental stage for expressing their consent may be adopted without consent.

What is the procedure for adoption?

In order to adopt a child, you must:

  • complete and submit an application for adoption with the Children’s Services;
  • to assess housing conditions and receive from the Service an act on the condition of the living space;
  • receive a withdrawal after consideration by the service of the conditions and possibilities for adoption;
  • entering the adoptive parents into the register (if the conclusion of the Service is positive);
  • establish contact with the child who will be adopted;
  • filling out and submitting an application at the place of residence to the Children’s Rights Service;
  • The service prepares documents for submission to the court;
  • the court decides on the adoption.

The adoption is considered valid after the court decision comes into legal force.

The procedure for adopting children has many features and nuances. For the correct preparation and submission of documents for adoption, you should contact a good family lawyer who knows the intricacies of family law and will help you draw up all the documents correctly.

What is the secret of adoption?

The secret of adoption is the right to conceal the fact of the adoption of a child.

A child who has been adopted has the right to secrecy, including from himself. After reaching the age of fourteen, the child has the right to information regarding his or her adoption.

The adoptive parent has the right not to disclose information regarding the fact of adoption. He may demand non-disclosure from persons who have become aware of this fact.

Persons who divulged the secret of adoption are liable under the law.

How much does it cost to adopt children?

The cost of adopting children is determined by the amount of the court fee.

Otherwise, the procedure for registering the adoption of children is free.

What documents are needed for adoption?

In order to adopt a child, you must prepare the following documents:

  • identity document – passport and its copy;
  • certificate of income in the prescribed form;
  • marriage certificate and its copy;
  • health certificate;
  • agreement of the second spouse, certified by a notary;
  • documents for the living space.

Our family lawyers will help you prepare documents and formalize the adoption with the lowest moral and material costs.



You can adopt a child who has reached the age of two months.


Today, a record is kept of children ready for adoption or foster care. That is, a database of children is being created who can be adopted or taken into care.


To do this, you need to contact the Office for Affairs at the place of residence and prepare the documents necessary for adoption.


According to the procedure for adoption, it is prohibited to separate brothers and sisters during adoption. There are exceptional cases where there are strong arguments for the separate adoption of children.


A family lawyer will help you prepare the necessary documents, pass all the checks of the Child Welfare Service correctly and arrange the adoption quickly and efficiently, in accordance with legal regulations.


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