Cost of services on marriage dissolution in Ukraine

Cost of services on marriage dissolution in Ukraine

Cost of services on marriage dissolution in Ukraine

Divorce service cost 2020

Divorce services: cost 2020 in Ukraine

When getting married, most young people do not face the thought that someday in their family such a word as “divorce” will sound.

However, in the modern world such are the realities, in the future, more and more often unions of men and women break up, and one of them is the first to be forced to apply to the registry office or to the court for the purpose of an official divorce.

Everyone has their own reasons for divorce, but the divorce procedure in the state registration departments is the same for everyone. I would also like to note that if you turn to the statistics on Ukraine, you can see that in most divorces there are controversial situations and conflicts that need advice and assistance from a professional specialist – a divorce lawyer (family lawyer).

After deciding to dissolve the marriage, the spouses have a rizone question – what is the cost of services for a divorce and what does the cost of a divorce in the complex include?

Documents and cost of a divorce in the registry office and in the court of Ukraine?

Most often, questions arise about what documents need to be collected for a divorce in the civil registry office and how much it will cost.

Divorce cannot be called costly if it takes place in state registration. If the divorce takes place in court, then at least you will have to pay the legal fee established by the law for filing a statement of claim for divorce (non-property dispute), and as a maximum you will have to look for a divorce lawyer (family lawyer) and pay money for his work and services.

If you have any doubts or questions, then it is better to contact an experienced divorce lawyer (family lawyer), who will provide you with full legal advice on possible divorce options. That is, by seeking help from a highly qualified lawyer or lawyer, the price of a divorce will depend on a number of factors.

As noted above, the divorce procedure in the registry office is low-cost and usually consists of an administrative fee (state fee).

According to the regulatory legal acts of the Cabinet of Ministers, in the case of a divorce registration with the registry office, by mutual consent of spouses who have no children, only a state fee is paid in the amount of 0.5 tax-free incomes of citizens. Today this amount is 8 UAH 50 kopecks.

However, depending on the registry office, which will carry out the divorce, additional paid services of the registry office may be included (this issue is regulated by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1168 of December 22, 2010).

Divorce is a fairly weighty decision that affects not only the future life of a person, but also those who are near them, for example, children. If in the process of divorce you have certain difficulties, it is better to seek advice from a family lawyer (lawyer) for divorce.

What is included in the cost of a divorce lawyer in Ukraine?

The cost of the services of a lawyer and a lawyer for divorce includes consultation on the procedure for divorce between citizens of Ukraine, complete and comprehensive information about the specifics of divorce from a foreigner.

A good lawyer or lawyer will prepare all the necessary documents (a lawsuit for divorce or a joint statement of the spouses) and fully accompany your case to its actual solution and its logical conclusion. With a divorce lawyer or lawyer, you can forget about the worries associated with the divorce process and get a turnkey divorce.

If one of the spouses does not agree to voluntarily dissolve the marriage or is unable to actually be present at the registry office for filing a divorce application, contact our law company that specializes in divorce, and we will certainly help you to divorce without the presence of the parties in court. saving your time and resources!

Lawyers and lawyers of our law firm are always ready to answer all your questions and promptly help you with a divorce. Contact us in a convenient way for you, and you will understand that our experience is your success!

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