Divorce from a prisoner in Ukraine

Divorce with prisoner in Ukraine

Divorce with prisoner in Ukraine

File for divorce from prisoner in Ukraine

File for divorce from her imprisoned husband at the registry office in Ukraine

Fortunately, Ukrainian legislation provides for the dissolution of a marriage, both bilaterally and unilaterally. However, a divorce through the registry office on the basis of Art. 106 SKU occurs only at the mutual request of the spouses.

Therefore, even if the spouses could not reach a general agreement on a divorce, there is a way out! In this case, it is necessary to draw up and submit to the court a statement of claim for divorce with the convicted person. According to Part 1 of Art. 110 of the Family Code of Ukraine, any of the spouses can be the initiator of the statement of claim.

How to file a divorce from a prisoner? Lawyer assistance in Ukraine

Divorce from an imprisoned husband is a topic that requires special attention. How to divorce an imprisoned husband?

This question arises when one of the spouses, due to certain life circumstances, has no desire to keep the family together.

Without a doubt, in this case, divorce is the best solution. And given the fact that when divorcing an imprisoned husband, you need to have certain knowledge and have enough experience, we recommend that you seek help from a good family lawyer who can make divorce with a convict as comfortable as possible for you.

A good family lawyer, like no one else, is familiar with Ukrainian legislation and will be able to plan all steps in advance. This will help you avoid unforeseen circumstances in the process of divorce from your imprisoned husband and get out of the relationship without wasting time and money.

Divorce from a prisoner in special proceedings through the court in Ukraine

According to the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, it is possible to apply to the court with applications in a special procedure.

According to the Code of Civil Procedure of Ukraine, at the request of any of the spouses, those cases that concern people deprived of their liberty are also subject to consideration.

At the same time, every family lawyer knows that in order to draw up and submit documents and to consider a case in such a case, it is necessary that certain provisions are observed. Otherwise, the appeal in the special procedure becomes unfounded.

The prerequisites for a divorce from an imprisoned husband in a special procedure are:

  1. the presence of a court verdict, which has already entered into legal force;
  2. a court verdict, in which the type of punishment defined is imprisonment, and not any other type of punishment.

In cases where the person in respect of whom the case is being considered is in an isolation ward and the case is still subject to consideration, or a different type of punishment is provided for by the court’s verdict, the application with a special proceeding becomes unfounded.

In this particular case, it is possible to formalize and file a claim for divorce. The main advantage of divorce through a special procedure is the speed of the proceedings in court.

As a rule, applications with such an application have an accelerated pace of consideration. This is due to the fact that applications in this category of cases require less time for consideration. The reason for this is the lack of preparatory sessions and, in most cases, judicial debate. This makes it possible to consider a divorce case from an imprisoned husband within one month from the date of his transfer to court.

Help of a lawyer in a divorce without children from a convicted spouse in Ukraine

If we analyze everything written above, we can conclude that the same case of a divorce from a convict can be solved in different ways. Each specific case of divorce must be considered taking into account the acquired legal experience and accumulated knowledge. You can correctly draw up and file a statement of claim for divorce using a sample of divorce, and by understanding the very procedure for a divorce from an imprisoned husband in the presence and absence of children.

However, there are times when the very thought of divorce causes very unpleasant sensations or there is simply not enough time in life for this important matter. In this case, a reasonable solution may be to contact a family lawyer, who, of course, will do everything possible to divorce the convicted person as soon as possible.

A good divorce lawyer is well aware of not only the procedure for divorcing an imprisoned husband, but also all the subtleties that are associated with him.

An experienced lawyer will be able to arrange and file a divorce application without children without delays and hassles. That is why the majority of people who decide to divorce their imprisoned husband do not want to waste time, but confidently trust a good lawyer to draw up and submit documents to the court.

After reviewing your documents, a divorce lawyer will be able to suggest the most rational ways to solve the problem.

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