Divorce lawyer services in Ukraine

Divorce lawyer services in Ukraine

Divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Divorce lawyer services in Ukraine

Family legal relations have their own characteristics, at least in the fact that they arise between members of the same family – the primary cell of our society. The spouses are accustomed to building their own relationships, independently raising joint children, in rare cases resorting to the help of specialists. But, as the long-term practice of lawyers in the field of divorce shows, over time, the family life of the spouses becomes obsolete and the couple goes to court for divorce.

When love and friendship have disappeared between a married couple, respect for each other is even worse, and also when the misunderstanding of recently dear people has exhausted itself and reaches its highest boiling point, the spouses decide to divorce.

Divorce is a very delicate and unpleasant procedure, especially when the divorce proceedings are initiated by one of the spouses. Despite the fact that a married couple is no longer bound by warm relations and often there is hostility and hatred for each other, divorce is still accompanied by emotional shock.

Under such circumstances, the professional involvement of a divorce lawyer should not be underestimated, since it is he who treats every divorce case impartially.

A highly qualified lawyer is the person who excludes the emotional component of the divorce proceedings and defends the interests of his client exclusively in court.

Help of a divorce lawyer in the matter of collecting alimony

The presence of joint minor children among the spouses in the event of divorce complicates the situation doubly, since when solving various issues arising in the course of divorce, the interests of the child must first of all be protected. The involvement of a divorce lawyer becomes even more relevant in such cases, because only a specialist can soberly and fairly, defending the interests of the client, assess and resolve the dispute regarding communication, education and material support of the child, on legal grounds.

As a rule, spouses, having decided to dissolve the marriage, believe that the resolution of any issues and misunderstandings during the divorce proceedings is the prerogative of the court and it is not at all necessary to seek the professional help of a lawyer, a divorce lawyer.

As practice shows, divorce proceedings are accompanied by constant skirmishes between the parties during court hearings and the clarification of issues related to divorce (place of residence of the child, recovery of alimony, division of property).

Untimely appeal to a divorce lawyer leads to a delay in the divorce proceedings due to unresolved issues at the pre-trial stage.

Thus, a divorce lawyer in Ukraine will help you to competently draw up a statement of claim for divorce in accordance with the law, taking into account all the nuances and individual requirements.

A lawyer with many years of experience will determine the correct jurisdiction for filing a claim, as well as prepare the necessary documents to speed up the divorce process.

In the case of underage children, a lawyer will decide on the accommodation, upbringing and material support of your child in accordance with his interests.

If necessary, a divorce lawyer will represent your interests in court, including without your presence.

A client’s residence in another region, another region or country is not an obstacle for a divorce lawyer to provide legally competent assistance during a divorce proceedings, since we provide services throughout Ukraine and abroad online, without your participation, as evidenced by our practice.

Divorce lawyer in Ukraine and abroad

The services of a divorce lawyer include a range of tasks ranging from high-quality legal advice to full support of the divorce process. This forces the lawyer to be a professional in all matters of family law, but does not exclude the need for spouses to be aware of the main provisions of the upcoming divorce. On our site you will find a lot of interesting and useful information on the following topics.

How to get a divorce while abroad

How to get a divorce while abroad is well known to the family lawyer. After the conclusion of the contract, the issue of divorce will be resolved by a specialist in the field of law, even without the presence of the client.

Divorce in Ukraine

Divorce in Ukraine is possible in two ways: through the court and through the registry office. The basis for starting the divorce proceedings will be a statement: joint, unilateral or claim.

Grounds for termination of marriage

According to the Family Code, there are only two Grounds for the termination of a marriage: the death of one of the spouses or recognition as deceased, as well as divorce. In the event of divorce in court, the cause of death is an event that occurred earlier: death or the entry into force of a court decision.

Which court to file for divorce

Which court to file for divorce depends on each case. The statement of claim is submitted to the court at the place of residence or residence of the defendant, however, it is also permissible to submit an application at the place of residence of the plaintiff. This is possible if minor children are in his custody or there is no physical opportunity to submit documents to the court at the location of the defendant.

How to get a divorce decision

A family lawyer knows how to get a court decision on divorce. By contacting him for the service of obtaining court documents, you will save a lot of time and effort.

How to choose a good divorce lawyer or attorney

Thinking about how to choose a good lawyer or attorney in divorce, you should understand that, along with multidisciplinary specialists in the field of law, a family lawyer will have more experience in divorce. Factual information on the results of the legal activities of each of them can be found on the website of the Judicial Power of Ukraine, where, according to the name of the party, the tracking of data on closed and open court cases is available.

Divorce certificate based on a court decision

A divorce certificate by a court decision is issued to the registry office only if it entered into force before 07/01/2010, i.e. entry into force of the Law of Ukraine “On state registration of acts of civil status”

Apostille on a court decision on divorce

Apostille on a court decision on divorce is a full-fledged way of legalizing a document for countries participating in the Hague Convention. According to the rules, apostilization is performed in the country where the document was issued.

Closed-door divorce

Dissolution of a marriage in a closed court session is possible upon filing a petition. Considering the case in this way prevents the disclosure of information about the intimate or other personal aspects of the life of the participants in the case, as well as statements that offend their honor and dignity.

How to dissolve a marriage in Ukraine concluded abroad

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Private International Law”, dissolution of a marriage in Ukraine, concluded abroad, is possible in the territory of the home country, if one of the spouses is a citizen of Ukraine. The help of a lawyer will help you get a divorce as quickly as possible without the personal presence of the spouses.

How to delay a divorce case

How to delay the divorce case is an urgent question for many married couples. Among the ways of delaying the case, four main ones can be distinguished: filing a counterclaim, the defendant’s failure to appear in court and filing an application for the postponement of the court session, the court granting a time limit for reconciliation, filing an appeal against the court decision.

Husband, wife, children before and after divorce

According to the law, a husband, wife, children before and after divorce, the wife during pregnancy, a disabled husband or wife, as well as the one with whom the children live, have the right to maintenance during marriage. After a divorce, the right to maintenance is assigned to a disabled spouse, a spouse who is less than 5 years old before retirement age or who has received disability as a result of illegal actions of the other spouse.

How to register a foreign divorce in Ukraine

A family lawyer knows well how to register a foreign divorce in Ukraine. He will help you register a divorce at the registry office of Ukraine after providing a court decision on divorce and translation of the document into Ukrainian. In this case, the court decision must be apostilled, and the translation must be certified by a notary.

Divorce without registration

An application to file a divorce without a residence permit is submitted to the court at the place of residence or residence of the defendant. It is also permissible to file an application at the place of stay of the plaintiff in cases where he is not physically able to go to the place of residence of the defendant or if minor children are in his support.

Divorce through the registry office without presence

Divorce through the registry office without being present is possible by submitting a notarized application for divorce, as well as an application for state registration in the absence of one of the spouses.

Receiving documents again at the registry office

Re-receive the registry office documents: the certificate and extract applies to marriage certificate, birth certificate, name change certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, extract from the state register. The lawyer will help you to obtain the listed documents even without your presence and, if necessary, affix an apostille

Errors in court and registry office documents in case of divorce

Errors in the documents of the court and the registry office in case of divorce are subject to correction by state authorities. To do this, you must independently submit an application to the court or the registry office for amendments or contact a lawyer who can resolve this issue without the presence of the client.

The procedure for registering a court decision on divorce in the registry office

The procedure for registering a court decision on divorce in the registry office and obtaining an extract from the register implies the preparation of an entry in acts of civil status and entry of statements into the state register, which allows you to obtain an extract in the future.

Divorce translator

In the event of divorce, an interpreter is involved by the court in order to provide assistance to a person who does not speak the state language. The services of a translator include translation of documents and representation in the registry office, translation of procedural documents and representation in court, translation of divorce documents for their further legalization.

Divorce Law (Legislation)

The law on divorce in Ukraine (legislation) includes the provisions of the following state projects: the Constitution of Ukraine, the Family Code, the Civil Procedure Code, the Rules for the State Registration of Acts of Civil Status, the Law of Ukraine “On Court Fee”, the Law of Ukraine “On Private International Law”. The correct application of the law contributes to the legally competent divorce.

Invalidation of marriage

The procedure for declaring a marriage invalid entails the annulment of the rights and obligations of the spouses. A marriage is considered invalid if it is registered between blood and non-blood relatives, as well as with an incapacitated person or someone who has hidden a serious illness, with a person who has not reached marriageable age or did not have the right to marry, and was also in a previously registered marriage.

Certificate of marital status in Ukraine

Statement – a certificate of marital status has now been replaced by a statement of marital status, which can be drawn up with a notary in Ukraine or at the consulate if you are outside your home country. To complete such an application, you must present a civil passport, a tax identification number, a document confirming the fact of a divorce.

Registration of marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine

Registration of marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine occurs if he has a foreign passport or permanent / temporary residence permit, civil passport, as well as a document confirming the dissolution of the previous marriage. If necessary, a lawyer will help legalize marriage documents for use outside Ukraine.

Registration of marriage in the registry office between citizens of Ukraine

The conclusion of a marriage in the registry office between citizens of Ukraine is subject to the condition that they reach marriageable age, the absence of a previously registered marriage and relationship, as well as the presence of a voluntary desire to start a family. The document confirming the registration is a marriage certificate.

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