Divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Help of a divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Help of a divorce lawyer in Ukraine


Divorce through court with divorce lawyer in Ukraine

Marital disputes between spouses that arise during divorce are increasingly becoming the subject of lengthy court proceedings. Couples, when deciding to divorce, often do not see the point in turning to outsiders for help. Often spouses believe that if they are still connected by family ties, know each other well, have a common life and bring up joint children, then they will be able to independently resolve the conflict within the family without the participation of third parties.

Unfortunately, as the court practice and many years of experience of a divorce lawyer in Ukraine show, issues related to divorce are the most urgent and require professional participation in resolving such family disputes. Therefore, the services of a lawyer in Ukraine are highly popular in cases of divorce in court.

Help and cost of services of a family divorce lawyer in Ukraine

It is important to contact a divorce lawyer at the initial stage of a dispute, as this will allow you to solve the problem as soon as possible, solely on legal grounds and with minimal financial costs.

A highly specialized lawyer before starting work will certainly advise you on all possible ways to resolve the situation and recommend the option that will be the most advantageous and will suit you at the cost of the services provided in court.

In addition, a divorce lawyer will protect you from judicial red tape, negative emotions that may be associated with unwanted meetings and communication with your spouse.

Choose a family divorce lawyer if you have children in Ukraine

How do you choose a qualified family divorce lawyer? The main criteria that must be followed when choosing a lawyer depend on:

  • work experience;
  • customer reviews;
  • the success of divorce cases;

In order to analyze the work experience of a lawyer, you should study the certificate of the right to practice law, which indicates the date of issue of the document.

Customer reviews are also quite a weighty argument when choosing a worthy candidate for the role of a representative of your interests. However, this criterion is not always objective based on the fact that employees of law firms write praise on their own, and sometimes competitors leave false complaints.

Information about divorce cases, which were accompanied by a specific lawyer, is presented on the website “Judicial Power”. Here you can analyze the category of cases that the lawyer deals with and their overall success.

Often, on the Internet, a client is looking for a lawyer for his region / city / region, but for a modern experienced family divorce lawyer, it does not matter where you are.

Years of experience and knowledge gained in the process allow a good divorce lawyer in Ukraine to correctly assess the situation in the dispute that has arisen and prepare for you the necessary recommendations that will allow you to achieve a positive result in family disputes in the presence and absence of joint children.

A timely appeal to a divorce lawyer in Ukraine will give you the opportunity not only to defend your legal position, but also to foresee (and, if possible, also prevent) violation of rights and interests in the future.

Divorce lawyer services in Ukraine

By seeking help from an experienced divorce lawyer at the initial stage, you can be sure that this family dispute will be resolved with the maximum benefit for you.

However, as a rule, spouses turn to specialists after independent unsuccessful attempts to divorce, which delays and complicates the process from a material and moral point of view.

In the modern civilized world, everyone should do their own thing. A divorce lawyer is a professional in his field. He does his job at the highest level, as it should be for every specialist.

While you are doing your job, a lawyer, thanks to his knowledge of modern family law, experience and skills, analyzing court practice in such matters, will find the most optimal solution to a situation of any complexity.

A divorce lawyer acts and provides his services on the basis of a legal aid agreement. A legal aid contract is an agreement whereby a lawyer undertakes to defend, represent or provide other types of legal aid to a client, and the client undertakes to pay for the provision of legal aid and actual costs.

Lawyer services in divorce in Ukraine

The services of a lawyer include:

  1. dissolution of marriage, including if the spouses have common minor children, if one of the spouses does not agree to divorce;
  2. representation of your interests in court;
  3. consultation and preparation of a package of documents1 for the preparation and filing of a statement of claim for divorce;
  4. preparation of petitions, statements, claims, appeals, cassation complaints and other procedural documents in case of divorce;
  5. payment of the court fee;
  6. divorce without your presence;
  7. divorce from a foreigner, divorce between citizens of Ukraine living abroad;
  8. full support of the process (without the participation and presence of the client in court hearings).

Summing up, we can say that the process of divorce is rather complicated, and therefore requires not only a responsible approach to the case in question, but also experience in the legal field. That is why the services of a divorce lawyer are becoming more and more relevant.

With a good family divorce lawyer, you can easily get out of a bad relationship without spending too much time filing a divorce from your spouse.


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