Divorce without documents in Ukraine

Divorce without documents in Ukraine

Divorce without documents in Ukraine

Divorce without documents in court and registry office in Ukraine

Is divorce possible without documents in Ukraine?

Divorce without documents is possible in Ukraine. However, the question arises what documents are needed for a divorce? Where and how to recover lost documents? Where do you need to apply and submit the appropriate package of documents for divorce?

It should be noted that marriage relations are regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine. Accordingly, Art. 106, 107 of the Family Code of Ukraine regulates the procedure for divorce in the registry office. In turn, Articles 109, 110 of the Family Code of Ukraine establish the procedure for divorce in court.

The list of documents that must be submitted for divorce to the registry office and to the court overlaps, but there are differences.

The following documents must be submitted to the registry office:

  • passport;
  • marriage certificate.

The following documents must be submitted to the court:

  • the passport;
  • TIN (tax identification number);
  • marriage certificate;
  • birth certificate of minor children (if any).

In both the first and second cases, marriage and birth certificates are required to apply for divorce. However, in practice, these documents are not always available. Being in a state of nervous tension, the spouses cannot navigate and remember where important and necessary documents for divorce are stored. If you cannot find the documents, you should restore them.

File for divorce without documents at the registry office in Ukraine

The procedure for divorce in the registry office is established by the Rules of State Registration of Civil Status Acts, approved by Order of the Ministry of Justice dated October 18, 2000 No. 52/5, in the presence of mutual consent and the absence of common minor children.

Filing an application for divorce at the registry office provides for the presentation of:

  • passports;
  • marriage certificates;
  • receipts for payment of the state duty;
  • a jointly completed application.

In the event that the marriage document is lost, the check of the act record is carried out by the civil registry office according to the statements of the State Register of Civil Status Acts of Citizens, regardless of where the marriage took place.

The absence of a marriage document cannot be a reason for refusing to file an application for divorce. However, the document should still be restored, since a divorce mark is put on it. Such a document, along with the divorce certificate, will serve as confirmation of the premarital surname and marital status.

Divorce without children and documents in court, alimony in Ukraine

The divorce procedure in court is carried out in the event that the spouses have not managed to achieve consent, or there are joint minor children, as well as if it is necessary to file alimony for one of the spouses.

If in the registry office the situation with the verification of the marriage records is quite unambiguous, all information is contained in the State Register of Civil Status Acts, then the court requires the original of the marriage document without fail.

The operative part of the court decision on divorce contains a statement of the marriage, which is terminated (Art. 265 of the Civil Procedure Code). In the court decision on divorce, the number of the act record, the date and the registry office that made the record, as well as the name of the spouses, are prescribed. Based on the above, in case of loss, it is necessary to obtain a marriage document AGAIN.

What documents are needed to register a divorce in Ukraine?

If you lose the documents necessary for filing for divorce, you need to contact the registry office, preferably at the place of drawing up the deed entry.

A repeated marriage certificate is issued upon application to a spouse with a passport. The deadlines for the production of such documents are clearly regulated by the Rules of State Registration of Civil Status Acts, approved by Order of the Ministry of Justice of 18.10.2000 No. 52/5 and are 3 working days.

In case of divorce through the court, an additional document on the birth of children is required (if any) A repeated birth certificate is issued according to a similar procedure to the father or mother of the child, upon confirmation of the relationship with the relevant documents.

With the help of an experienced family lawyer, you will be convinced of the possibility of an undocumented divorce. A lawyer will always contribute to the quick restoration of the necessary documents in court, registry office and other instances.


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