International lawyer in Ukraine

International divorce lawyer in Ukraine

International divorce lawyer in Ukraine

International lawyer is

International family lawyer in Ukraine

International Family Lawyer is a general lawyer who specializes in family law matters involving a foreigner.

A qualified lawyer for international family affairs has a master’s degree (specialist) in International Law.

In international litigation, the lawyer should properly apply the rules of international family law.

Therefore, it is safer and more efficient to contact a competent international lawyer who knows in full the foreign legislation and the legislation of Ukraine.

How to find an international family lawyer in Ukraine?

In order to find a good international family lawyer, you should go to the website “The Unified Register of Lawyers of Ukraine”, which operates on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and Advocate Activity” and the Procedure for maintaining the Unified Register of Lawyers, approved by the decision of the Bar Council dated December 17, 2012 No. 26.

On this website it is possible to check the availability of a certificate of the right to practice law with the international family lawyer to whom you want to apply for legal assistance.

In order to evaluate the experience of an international lawyer in family matters with the participation of foreigners, you need to use the website “Judicial Power” – tab “state of consideration of cases” – tab “party to the case” – you must enter the name of the lawyer.

Upon a given request, information will be provided on the parties to the dispute, the subject of the claim and the stage of consideration of the case. Thus, you can analyze the category of cases in which an international lawyer for family affairs with a foreigner specializes and draw a conclusion about his competence in solving your case.

International divorce lawyer services in Ukraine

International family lawyer with a foreigner specializes in:

  • divorce of Ukrainian citizens living abroad;
  • divorce of a citizen of Ukraine with a foreigner;
  • divorce of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine

Divorce of Ukrainian citizens abroad, or the divorce of Ukrainian citizens living in other states can be registered on the territory of Ukraine by an international family lawyer without a visit from the spouses.
The entire divorce process with a foreigner takes place remotely, it is enough to use the service for the divorce of citizens living abroad, and all the legal part of the work will be done by an international family lawyer.

International lawyer and divorce from a foreigner in Ukraine

Foreigners and citizens of Ukraine who have married a foreigner can dissolve the marriage on the territory and according to the legislation of Ukraine.

To determine the jurisdiction of a divorce case, one should be guided by the norms of the Civil Procedure Code.

Correctly determining the jurisdiction of a divorce case from a foreigner is the primary task of an international family lawyer before starting the procedure for divorce with a foreigner.

It is not uncommon for the plaintiff to not know the place of registration of residence or the place of stay of the foreign defendant when applying to the court with a statement of claim for divorce.

In such cases, the court takes measures to find a spouse who is a foreigner. In the event that the necessary information about the foreigner is not clarified, the divorce occurs without his presence.

In addition to divorce from a foreigner, procedural legislation does not limit the right of the parties to simultaneously resolve other controversial family issues, and here an international family lawyer is simply necessary.

Apostille on documents with the help of an international lawyer in Ukraine

Apostille is the process of affixing a stamp confirming the legal validity of official documents issued in a foreign state.

Thus, the documentation is considered valid in the member states of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents of October 5, 1961.

Apostille affixing is an important and final stage in the preparation of documents on divorce from a foreigner by an international family lawyer, carried out on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Justice on the approval of the Procedure for affixing an apostille in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on official documents intended for use in other states, and preparation by the Ministry Justice of Ukraine notarized documents for further consular legalization No. 2268/5 of 11.11.2015.

Divorce documents that are subject to apostilization:

  • a court decision on divorce;
  • certificate of divorce;
  • extract from the State Register of Civil Status Acts of Citizens


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