Permission for a child to travel abroad in Ukraine

Permission for a child to travel abroad in Ukraine

Departure of the child abroad: the main aspects

Children under the age of sixteen can leave the country only in the presence of one of their relatives, both parents and other family members. After reaching this age, the child has the right to leave the country on his own.

If the child is accompanied by one of the parents, the consent of the other is mandatory.

This permission must:

  • be certified by a notary;
  • contain the route of movement.

This opportunity to leave the country is determined by:

  • failure to pay alimony for a period of four months or longer;
  • incapacity of the parent who is against the trip;
  • the parent is a foreigner or has no citizenship;
  • if the parent has been deprived of parental rights;
  • recognition of the parent as missing (if there is a court decision);
  • the parent has left for another country for permanent residence (this is noted in the passport).

The parent who lives with him on a permanent basis can leave without consent. For this, this fact must be documented.

Confirmation can be in the form:

  • decisions of the service for children;
  • decisions of the judiciary.

For how long can you go abroad with a child without the consent of one parent?

The duration of stay in another country in the absence of consent is one month.

In order to leave the country for a child for a longer period, when one of the parents is against it, one of the following documents must be provided:

  • court decision on the disappearance;
  • a certificate confirming non-payment of alimony;
  • a court decision that the parent is incapacitated;
  • a note that the parent has left for permanent residence in another country;
  • a court decision that the parent was deprived of his rights;
  • confirmation that the parent has no citizenship or is a foreigner.

If one of the parents is against the child leaving the country and it is not possible to resolve the situation peacefully, then you can apply to the court authorities to obtain such permission.

To do this, it is mandatory to draw up a statement of claim, which will indicate the reasons for leaving. In this case, it is very important to indicate strong arguments for the need to leave the country.

Such arguments may include:

  • educational goal;
  • health improving purpose;
  • the need for treatment;
  • meeting with relatives.

The arguments and purposes of the child’s departure must be documented.

A good family law lawyer will help you choose the right arguments and evidence, fill out an application and accompany you to court to resolve the case.

What documents must be submitted to the court in order to obtain consent for the child to leave?

This requires the following documents:

  • photocopy of birth certificate;
  • a photocopy of the divorce document;
  • photocopy of passport and taxpayer certificate (TIN);
  • a lawsuit in court to obtain permission to leave the child to another country;
  • evidence of the need to travel abroad.

What documents must be provided for a child to travel abroad?

A child can leave the country upon presentation of a passport. Previously, there were norms according to which it was possible to travel abroad, providing a child’s travel document or entering children’s data into an adult passport. Now these norms do not apply and a child can leave the country only with a passport.

It should be noted that children who have received a passport in the form of an ID card (after the age of fourteen) can cross the border to travel to some countries. For example, to Germany, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary.

What is the procedure for issuing a power of attorney for a child to travel abroad?

The power of attorney is subject to mandatory certification by a notary. The parent must provide a passport, TIN and birth certificate.

The power of attorney indicates the person who will be with the child abroad. And depending on the escort, the form of the power of attorney will change. If a child leaves the country accompanied by close relatives, but not parents, the consent of both parents is required.

In order to travel outside the country, you must provide the original power of attorney at the border.

How much does it cost to issue a power of attorney?

The cost of issuing a power of attorney for a child to travel abroad is due to the cost of notary services. The price of notary services is different and varies depending on various factors, from qualifications, location and other factors.

What is the validity period of a power of attorney for a child to travel abroad?

The term of the power of attorney varies depending on the purpose of the trip, since it is drawn up with an indication of the reason for the trip.

The reasons for the child’s departure from the country may be:

  • passing training;
  • rest at the resort;
  • sports or other competitions;
  • a trip to a camp or sanatorium;
  • prevention or treatment;
  • meeting with relatives.

How to get a passport for a child?

The procedure for obtaining a passport for a child is similar to that for an adult passport.

In order to obtain a children’s passport, you must contact the migration service and submit the necessary documents.

The list of documents for a children’s passport is as follows:

  • color photo of the child, 4.5 x 3.5 cm on a white background;
  • a photo of a child in the form of a portrait, measuring 10 x 15 cm;
  • a parent’s application for a passport;
  • a receipt confirming the payment of the fee;
  • birth certificate.

It should be noted that if the child is under the age of twelve, then his presence in the migration service is not required.

What is the cost of a child’s passport?

The cost of issuing a child’s passport for traveling abroad is the amount of an administrative fee. The remaining stages of registration and obtaining a passport are performed in practice free of charge.

To clarify the exact cost of services, you should contact the migration service.



Parental consent is required until the child reaches the age of sixteen.


Registration is possible at any age, starting from birth. A child under the age of twelve may not attend the migration service.


If a child travels without parents, then the consent of each parent is required, except as otherwise provided by law.


Our lawyers will help you collect all the documents, fill out the correct application, file a lawsuit and obtain permission from the second parent. Choosing a good lawyer is the key to a successful case resolution.


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