Quick divorce in Ukraine

Quick divorce in Ukraine

Quick divorce in Ukraine

Quick divorce in Ukraine

Divorce quickly in Ukraine

The “quick divorce” procedure is relevant for every married couple who have come to a decision to file a divorce. In order to file a divorce quickly in Ukraine, you need to contact the registry office / civil registry office in accordance with the current legislation. But in order to understand how to issue a quick divorce in Ukraine, you should consider the necessary conditions for such a procedure.

Divorce procedure through court quickly

The terms of the divorce procedure in court vary depending on the consent of the spouses, the presence of joint children, property, etc.

However, in this article I would like to clarify how exactly to issue a “quick divorce” through the court. And in general, is it appropriate to use the word “fast” with the word “court”?

A quick divorce in court requires the consent of the spouses. But along with mutual consent, the spouses have joint minor children. Otherwise, they could issue a quick divorce through the registry office / civil registration office.

File for divorce faster in Ukraine

In order to file and formalize a quick divorce, spouses who have children in court must complete and submit an application for divorce to the court along with a written agreement on who the children will live with, what participation in their provision will be taken by the parent who will live separately, as well as the conditions for the exercise of the right to the upbringing of children. The agreement on the amount of alimony that will be paid for children is notarized.

In the event that the husband and wife have resolved all important issues on their own and come to a common denominator, the court has no choice but to decide on a divorce.

The court makes a decision on divorce if it is established that the application for divorce corresponds to the will of the wife and husband and that after the dissolution of the marriage, their personal and property rights, as well as the rights of children, will not be violated.

This procedure is considered expedited and can rightfully be called a “quick divorce”. In this case, the term for divorce is 1 month in practice.

The procedure for a quick divorce through the registry office / registry office without children

A quick divorce through the Civil Registry Office / Civil Registry Office is possible in the case when both spouses have reached mutual agreement, do not have children in common, and also have the opportunity to apply to the Civil Registry Office / Civil Registry Office twice.

The date of “quick divorce” is set after 1 calendar month from the date of filing a jointly completed application by spouses who do not have common children in the registry office. On the appointed day, you must apply for a ready-made certificate, from this moment the divorce is considered registered in the registry office. The registry office provides a monthly period in order to be able to calmly think over all the pros and cons.

According to the Rules of State Registration of Civil Status Acts, approved by Order of the Ministry of Justice dated 10/18/2000 No. 52/5, if one of the spouses who does not have joint children within a month withdraws an application from the registry office or does not appear at the registry office on the appointed day, then the application canceled.

Divorce quickly through the courts in Ukraine

How to file a divorce in one day, the so-called “quick divorce”, which is possible only in the case provided for by the Rules of State Registration of Civil Status Acts in Ukraine, on the basis of a court decision on divorce issued before the entry into force of the Law of Ukraine “On State Registration of Civil Status Acts” and is registered with the registry office.

Once this law is passed, the divorce judgment is final and the marriage is considered to be divorced after the judgment comes into force.

Accordingly, the court decisions that were made prior to the entry into force of the above law presupposed further registration of the deed with the registry office / civil registry office, with the subsequent issuance of a divorce certificate.

In fact, the procedure is simple and is solved in the registry office in 1 day, but there is one but! If the original of such a court decision is lost or was not obtained at all by the spouse / spouses, a duplicate must be requested from the court office.

A competent family lawyer will help you to file a quick divorce in this matter. He will quickly find out which court to apply to and how to quickly issue a copy of this court decision. This is especially important if you want to resolve the issue of divorce remotely and quickly!

It is the family lawyer who will assess all the risks and nuances of your case and will tell you how to file a quick divorce with less material and physical losses.


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