Divorce certificate in Ukraine

Divorce certificate in Ukraine

Divorce certificate in Ukraine

Divorce certificate in Ukraine

Divorce certificate: what is it in Ukraine?

When deciding that it is necessary to officially end the family relationship, many couples ask the question of which document is a confirmation that the marriage has been dissolved.

Divorce certificate confirms the fact of divorce. Receiving this document, each of the spouses can re-enter into official family relations.

In what situations is a certificate of divorce required in Ukraine?

A certificate that confirms the completion of the divorce proceedings must be provided in such cases:

  • for the conclusion of remarriage;
  • for registration of movable and immovable property;
  • to perform registration actions of a different nature.

How do I get a certificate of divorce in Ukraine?

Divorce can be formalized in court and in the registry office. So, when registering a divorce in court, a court decision on divorce is a confirming document of this fact.

Upon divorce through the registry office, a divorce certificate is issued.

Therefore, you can get a certificate confirming the fact of a divorce at the registry office in which the divorce was formalized.

On what basis is a divorce certificate issued in Ukraine?

A certificate confirming the fact of the official termination of relations is issued on the basis of:

  • joint application for divorce;
  • a unilateral statement, as well as a court decision on the incapacity or disappearance of the second partner;
  • application of one of the spouses and a court decision on divorce.

How to get a divorce certificate if there is no marriage certificate in Ukraine?

In order to start the divorce proceedings through the registry office, you must provide documents, among which there is a marriage certificate. If you have lost such a certificate or it is damaged, then it can be replaced with a marriage deed or a stamp in your passport. If the indicated marriage certificates are absent, then the certificate must be restored.

In this case, you should contact a good lawyer who will help restore the document and accompany you throughout the divorce process.

How to recover a divorce certificate in Ukraine?

To restore the certificate of divorce, you should:

  • contact the registry office at the place of residence;
  • fill out an application for a duplicate;
  • pay the receipt.

If the marriage was concluded in another city or in another country, then it will take more time to recover. The recovery process in this case will be more difficult from the point of view of the need to carry out bureaucratic procedures. A family lawyer will quickly and efficiently restore the marriage certificate, and will also help in resolving issues of the divorce process.



You can get a divorce certificate at the registry office at the place of residence of one of the spouses.


The divorce decree is the supporting document for the formal termination of the marriage. At the same time, a divorce certificate is necessary to conclude a remarriage, register real estate and perform registration actions.

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